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...get addicted

Tomorrow We're All Doing Crack At The Park!
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This is a wonderful community for only the best of the best and not everyone can join. In order to gain entry to this amazing, exclusive place you need to:

A) Be a huge crack head
B) Take this quiz

to join the community:
we'll accept you, then fill out this quiz and post it and we'll decide if your worthy

Quiz[made by lizzy]:
Make a post, subject title = "i do crack off my mommas assss!!!!!!!"
Fill out this form with your answers in BOLD
We will decide as a community if you are in or out, if you are not accepted, we will kick yo ass right back outta hurr yo.

001.What do you like to be called:
002.Cuantos anos tiene? (hint: not asking how many assholes you have):
003.Chick or dick:
004.Where you at:
005.Tell us something about yourself:
006.Favorite pastime (besides crack):
007.Five favorite bands:
008.Whats your favorite zoo animal:
009.Lizzy , lizzzzy, is getting bored with this application, make her laugh (with a picture):
010.Dessert island, no, like an island made out of after dinner desserts, what dessert would it be?
011.What is your favorite film:
012.How long have you been addicted to crack and/or have been a whore:
013.Post a picture of yourself.
014.Create a dialogue between this girl, and this boy:

015.Last, promote in atleast one community and one journal using one of these--

And thats that, once you are in you will be in our wonderful world where you can do anything you want cause everyone here loves that electric koolaid

if you don't post the answers within three days you be deleted
and if you suck after we accept you, the moderators

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will kill you.

adrianna celeste katherine chavez, crack, knock down shawn